Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday May 22nd

Martha Millender got donuts last week, we were gone for a few days, this week the Farley's  provided them. 

I came across this cute picture of "Pee wee"  Maria Walton's puppy. I miss Maria! The folks who bought her mobile are very nice.

Betty and Harell Aderton will be leaving the park some time after Tuesday. Their Daughter is coming down to drive them back to Centralia, MO. then later kids will come down and clear out their mobile, it's for sale.
Bonnie Bryant is in hospice now.

Bob and Ken are working on the office and also on the B.B.Q.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I won't be posting this Friday as we will be in Nevada.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another storm

A huge storm went thru again last night! The worst of it went fron East to Northeast up thru Star county. Hail and high winds up there. But the huge storm that lasted several hours that came thru here did not have hail in it and the winds were not too high, 40's or so. Just lots of rumbling and lightening. Some winds were 60 to 70 mph Northeast of here. No damage or tree limbs around here. Today there's still some thunder storms scattered around.
Here's some pictures of the sharp lightening last night:

these were submitted pictures to the t.v. station last night

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday May 10th

Hope you all enjoyied Mother's Day!

Our stainless steel counter tops are now in....
Bobby checked to see if a roaster fits in the sinks and oh ya, great! Can get them in easily to wash them!
Lots of work going on here!
The guys are taking out those curved water pipes from the yards, should have been done years ago, big job, most of the meters have to be relocated
Most of you have already seen a couple new chairs in the lobby..
Back behind you can see the cabinets that will go in the remodeled office

Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday May 8th

Rexroads furnished the donuts this morning.
 We are not having anything special on Mother's Day.
Yesterday was the Memorial service for Peg Bloom. Bobby said there were several folks from out of the park, the Methodist Minister did the service.

I just noticed on the corner this side of What-a-burger there is going to be a Bank, it's called Texas Regional Bank, they're doing dirt work right now and it said on a sign to open in the Fall.

A huge tree is being cut down between Carmen Bernier's and Darlene Bryant's mobiles, it had a huge dead looking branch ready to fall , at first they were thinking they would just cut off the big limb but after checking the tree over it was found many limbs to be hollow and rotten inside, I would guess it was a 100 years old or so.

 The rest of the tree yet to be cut down as there was an emergency in another park where a tree was ready to fall on a mobile.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

different cell phone No.

My cell phone no. is 956-532-6268. The one in the park directory is the cell phone I gave Bobby to use, and it does not get checked regularly. Anything real urgent you can call the park office and they can get back to me.

Memorial Service

A memorial service will be held for Peg Bloom Thursday at 1:00p.m.she passed away Mon. I think!