Friday, August 28, 2015

August 28th

Management would like everyone to put this sticker on each of  your vehicles for Security reasons. Upper left! they are only about 2 1/2 in. across or so. You will receive yours when you get down here.

Harvey and Anita Madsen are here now, making R.V.E. their permanent home!
We had Social Hour with them Wednesday afternoon.

The new bank North of What-a-Burger is really coming along. It is going to be a really beautiful building, they are doing landscaping now, it's kind of Southwestern in style.

Dan and Sue Hileman from Illinois were down here, early Summer, just for a short time, they wanted to provide donuts this week, even tho they're  back home now so Ken B. purchased the donuts with money he left for them, that was so nice. We do take turns buying the donuts and making the coffee every Friday but we some times have more Fridays than folks who sign up. there were 28 people this morning at donuts, so a big thank you to the Hileman's!

We are having a Labor Day B.B.Q. Sue Barnhart just brought up a sign up sheet this morning. The guys will cook half chickens on the new grill and everyone will bring a dish to share. We will eat around 5:00 p.m. Labor Day.

We had a beautiful morning this morning, lower humidity and cool breezes. Very nice for walking this morning.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bob and Ken's project

Here's a before and after picture. Bobby thought the base of the tree was ugly and with Ken they built this bench around the tree

Pretty nice ay?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Oh Oh I'm late

Just got back from Canasta and I have been reminded quite a few times that there's nothing new on the blog!!! Oh dear I did forget!!
This morning Costley's provided the donuts, around 24 there. 
Wednesday night we had the biggest and longest dangerous severe storm I have ever been through down here, we had no damage as the winds did not get up too high, but the lightening  and thunder went on for over 3 hours, we got atleast 5 inches of rain or more. Record breaking!
Our dog was shaking and pacing, hard to get her to calm down, in fact she never did until the thunder and lightning was in the distance. It came from the West heading East Northeast.Last night they called for more storms but not as severe, but we didnt get anything, and today we are supposed to get scattered showers, so far none!
Helen Dee passed away, you may remember John and Helen, He passed within the last year I think.
Our Managers are expected to come home from vacation today some time.
Bobby is doing really good after his kidney stone blasting! Ken and Bobby been working out in the 100 degree weather all day every day doing a project which I will have pictures of tomarrow.He said to tell you all thanks for all the really nice get-well cards you all sent and we both thank you for the Anniversary cards we received.
I will write some tomarrow. I have some pictures to post of Bobby and Ken's latest project!
Oh, but I will post my projects.... I have been making a lot of jewelry mostly earrings and bracelets but also doing some craft sewing.

 Fabric boxes for whatever, (thanks to Mary Lou Benson for the idea) and below a quite a few "mug rugs" and bowl coozies and some hot pads that match the coozies! They make a cute quick gift and I use my rug mug at my computer and we use them on the end tables to protect them.

So we keep busy 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday August 14th

Good morning! This morning felt cool very nice walking early this morning. I took this picture a few mornings ago, we do have pretty sunrises and sunsets here.

Red and Stan Floyd provided us with donuts this morning. Good crowd around 24 there.

We are still about 100 every day but this weekend we may see 95, and maybe a scattered shower or two in the next few days. We sure could use some rain.

School is starting soon and the football boys have been practicing for awhile already, I saw them on the field this morning , also the band is practicing a lot and we can hear them. It was 82 this morning at 9:00 so I guess it isn't too awfully hot for football practice. I think the first day of school is August 24th.

We have a new maintenance man, he is young and ambitious, doing a great job .

Not a whole lots of news to report from down here, it won't be long and ya'll will be headed down, the Costley's are already here.

Here's a news clipping about the Weslaco Little Leaggue:

RIO RANCHO, N.M. — There was little doubt in the hearts and minds of the Weslaco faithful that their beloved Little League juniors would earn a trip to the World Series in Michigan, and now their opponents know this as well.
On Tuesday, the 13- and 14-year-old Weslaco Little Leaguers were crowned Southwest Regional champions — this in addition to their title as Texas West champs — after securing their second victory over Texas East in a convincing 10-0 showing.
The win culminated a 4-0 run, going undefeated at the regional tournament held in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Along the way, the team bested Jackson Parish, Louisiana, 12-9, Petroglyph of Albuquerque, New Mexico, 8-4, and Texas East in a previous contest, 11-10.

Next stop, Taylor, Michigan — the site of the Junior League World Series, which represents Weslaco’s goal at the start of the season and where six teams will compete to be crowned champions.

Pretty cool ay?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31st

These Fridays come around fast!
Farleys and Telfor's got donuts this morning!
Only one card up to sign for Bobby. I just heard that Jan Philipp's Son-in-law had an accident on a 3 or 4 wheeler, broken clavical and some ribs. Also Gordon Lamp having  lung and liver tests over to Renasaince Hosp. He has been in the hospital.
Well, we were supposed to leave yesterday but Tuesday morning ended up in the ER. By the way the new ER is very nice, we waited a few minutes is all. Bobby complaining of severe pain in lower back. He figured it was a kidney stone as he had one before, well, they did a cat-scan and the Dr. there said it was quite large one, a 9mm, so he asked what hospital would we want to go to and since Bobby's Dr. is at Renaisance we said we would go there. Dr. called and talked to Bobby's Dr. and he said EMS can take him over there, told me the room no. he would be in. So efficient! I was impressed. So he had the stone blasted and found more stones also. So now waiting for word when he can come home. Bleeding which should not have been, was caused by Bobby taking that low dose aspirin. He was just advised to start taking it 10 months ago.
Mgrs. Bob and Viki were going to follow us on up to the Campout. I had a tear when he was pulling the camper of theirs to their mobile to load it. We had loaded everything except last minute refrigerator stuff.
so I unloaded it all.
I just made home made noodles with chicken . Also baked Banana bread ( Suzy homemaker) today!!!!
Bobby would laugh as I was out doing His chores yesterday pulling a few weeds, watering plants, moving some around, trimming a bush, I came in the house completely covered with sweat and it was getting in my eyes and burning lol.
It sure is dry here now. The grass is starting to get brown. I love the pool area and just was told they decided not to put grass on the East end but rock of some kind, maybe river rock. not sure.
The house across from us which was Southworths is up for sale, the man bought it for his Mother but she died and he said he wanted to sell it pretty bad. Ron and Rita Sutherland want to sell their mobile, it is beautiful and I am sure it will sell quickly. A garage attached, nice!
I hope I get lots of pictures sent to me from the Clermont campout, if and when I do I will post them.We still want to come to Iowa later on this summer, it would be neat to come when the Spencer, Ia. fair is on.
Take care everyone!