Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday June 26th

It was sure good news about Denise, she is in a regular room now and doing good.
The only other card up to sign is for Betty Aderton. Sue Barnhart is doing good after her surgery, she has to wear one of those soft neck braces for a week or so.

Thursday morning the tree trimmers were here and did the trees around the pool and in the front, they did a great job, a different outfit this time. what was really great is they cleaned up around the top so there's not all that dabree that comes off of them

Here they are just getting started on the front of the office. They don't use a bucket truck they climb up the trees using those sharp things on their feet.

What a huge difference in the front when you drive in!!!

This morning donuts were furnished by Carmen Berier.
It's to be 95 today and the humidity is way up to like 80%. We are still getting spotty showers around but it looks pretty dry for a few days.
We are having a 4th of July get-to-gether and will have brats and potato salad
Not much more news right now

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Talked with Asst. Mgr. Gordon last night, Deniece is better and they removed the ventilator. that's about all I know, she's still in intensive care tho, and bleeding is less than it was, don't know if they ever determined why the bleeding is occuring. I am sure more tests will follow now that she's more stable.

There's a card up to sign for Betty Aderton, surgery, don't know what that would be for as she just had some surgery before they moved from the park. Also a card for Sue Barnhart having surgery Monday.

We passed by the building where the roof collapsed from the rains on main street Weslaco, it's the really old former furniture store building on 5th and the main street down town. What a mess.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday June 19th

Saddened to hear about the death of Arlene Fishers Brother, Bob Dralle. I received an email from Rollo about it.We have a  card up for them, also we have bad news, our Assistant mgr. Denise is in the hospital having surgery right at the moment...I will update you as soon as I know anything. She's been having problems for over a week  and had similar problems when they lived in Las Vegas, Bleeding in kidneys.

This morning Phyllis and Frank provided the donuts.

A note to all: Mark your calendars for the Annual RVE Potluck in Story City, Iowa - Wednesday - July 8th at noon.  Plates, etc. will be provided.  Come early, stay late.  Will be so good to catch up with everyone.
John and Janean

I guess you have all heard that we are getting a Dunkin Donuts and a Chipotle Grill, just by Starbucks!

I will write more as soon as there's any news about Denise.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Birthday

I really got surprised on my birthday which landed on Happy Hour Wednesday, this year. I had a feeling Bobby probably had something up his sleeve. but I really thought maybe he would have pizza brought in. I thought about that pizza all day lol Since I have been trying to watch what I eat I haven't had much pizza lately. Was I ever surprised to see Bobby and Ken cooking beer can chicken on our new park grill! That's a lot of chicken and I wonder what happened to the beer as each chicken sits on a partially filled can..........someone must have been forced to drink it!!!!  Here's a picture I took the other day

Here's what I saw when I came up for our Happy Hour at 4:00p.m.
Doesn't it look delicious?

Gordy, our Assistant mgr. had a Birthday yesterday, so the party was for both of us. Everyone brought something that went along with the B.B.Q.ued Chicken! Lots to eat and cake and icecream for dessert.
Thanks to everyone who attended, must have been around 50 there!
thank you for the neat Birthday cards.

Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12th

We have a great staff here at R.V.E.  very friendly. Also Gordon, the Assistant manager is always out working right with our guys, he loves to keep busy. I snapped this picture of Denice this morning! Don't you dare tell her I told you all but her pet name is "Boogie" of course only a few hundred people will ever read that!!! Shhhhh  Oh, by the way...note...No bars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took this picture to show you all the finished sink fixtures, it looks pretty neat

It really looks strange with the Sago Palms out, now they have to remove the stumps and rock...I guess concrete the area. I will keep you updated on that

I tok this picture this morning...Flo does this yard and it looks beautiful when he gets done, he even pulled some weeds from the front, across the street he does those yards as well, and they are all neatly trimmed and edged.

Also the park doing a fantastic job, keeping everything looking great
this is Therrians place, and all the R.V. section looks neat! I have been in a lot of parks down here and in the Summer they just let their R.V. sections go, pretty much unmowed 

Our Summer weather has started here. Pretty hot!!! 90's about every day.

This morning Ken and Sue Barnhart provided the donuts. there was 25 or so there. Rexroads had been gone a few weeks and Quails also and both ware back.

A speedy recovery to Judy Nordquist...had shoulder surgery.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday June 5th

So sorry to hear of Jerry Nordquists passing. Sympathies to Judy and family.

We have had beautiful weather here this week and hope it continues. Highs 90 lows upper 70's. Mornings and evening are so nice.

Carmen Bernier's Birthday is today!!!!!! My neighbor in 273.

Janelle, Mary Alice and Ken Eshelmans's Daughter got donuts this morning.Thursday was Ken's 90th birthday but we are celebrating it with a party this Sunday! We have had a lot of fun this Summer playing Canasta with Ken and Mary Alice

Please say prayers for Cathy Cochran, she has been having some health issues and also for her Daughter.

Work is underway in the pool area, all those overgrown Sago Palms removed. I think there will be concrete poured where the white rock is all around the pool.
Also the big palms will be trimmed this coming Monday
Oh, the B.B.Q. grill is pretty much completed, I will take a picture and post it! Next week!