Friday, July 20, 2018

July 20th

Delores and Al Mason provided donuts this morning. Very few there, so many gone.

Rex Rexroad doing better, and will be moving to re-hab today.

Our guys have been busy fixing fences due to damage from the flood.Ken Barnhart has had a busy Summer showing and selling mobiles.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Story City Potluck

There's more pictures but here are just a few for you to view

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Friday, July 13, 2018


Rex Rexroad had his open heart surgery and after 6 hours it was a success.  Marge had called Sue . All his kids are here.

July 13th

A beautiful morning here in S. Texas.  Thanks to the rains everything is green and grass growing fast. 
Ken busy selling mobiles...several people who lost their home in the flood. Also a new resident from Harlingen, Larry, his wife passed away 4 months ago, he came to our Happy Hour and introduced himself to everyone. 
As I write this Rex Rexroad is in open heart surgery. I was told he was at the heart Dr.  yesterday and the Dr. said he could do the surgery today, and he should not wait. Everyone is anxiously waiting any news. 

I made breakfast tacos instead of having donuts this morning, although I did make  Cinnamon Monkey bread for those who wanted a sweet, like Bobby and I. Very few there, so many gone this week. I  plan on biscuits and gravy when there's no one down to bring donuts next. 

Went to Mexico with Irene the last two Thursdays, my they were sure crowded. Had a sweet roll at the Bakery besides shopping and the dentist, manicure-pedicure. No, not me  lol

The potluck for R.V.E. residents and former ones was held in Story City, IA and 43 were there. Maybe someone will send me pictures, I hope soon.

I will write more when we hear how Rex is 


Friday, July 6, 2018


From Agnes Messner

June 27-July 1st, we had the pleasure of having Bruce and Billie Wells from Kansas come to visit Gerald and I in Brandon, MB Canada. Had a great time with them, then we all headed out to camp in Cypress River on July 2nd to visit Gerry and Yvonne De Smet where we all enjoyed a lovely supper and some more Dirty Board games. They brought us for a lovely noon meal at the friendship centre on Tues and then all three couples headed out to Victoria Beach where Earl and Pat Olafson and Larry and Diane Ateah live. We all camped at Larry and Diane's.
This was our largest gathering with Ross and Kathy Mcauley and Henri and Francis Hryniw already there the day before.
We had 7 couples for the July Texas gathering and had a wonderful time with games, pot luck meals, fish feed provided by Earl and Pat Olafson, visiting the gift shop which is owned by Pat and Diane's sister. What an amazing gift shop!
We had a wonderful time we all had. Just a super bunch!
Here we are at Gerry and Yvonne De Smet's in Cypress River in the first two pics and at Victoria Beach the next two pics.

 If anyone from the US would like to join us Aug 7, 8 & 9th, to let me know
So far we have Ross and Kathy, Gerry and Yvonne, Gerald and Agnes, Paul and Sharon, possibly Larry and Diane.

July 6th

I hope you all had a nice 4th of July. We had a potluck and over 32 people came.
Dorothy Ritter provided donuts this morning. We only had 12 people or so.

I was sent these great pictures: Doug and Sandy Novak celebrated their 50th Anniversary and this is a picture which has their whole original wedding party in it!

Pretty neat

And a Family picture minus one Grandson

I see they're getting ready to pour concrete on lot 24, a park model coming in.
Not much news right now. So many gone for either a few weeks or months.

Mary Lou Sent these pictures taken at the parade in Fredrika Darlene Andrews was crowned Queen of the parade, and Roger was King one year

Friday, June 29, 2018

June 29th

July 4th Scraps, Graphics and comments

Have a great 4th of July and send me pictures of what all you did...that's an order!!

Ken and Sue Barnhart furnished donuts today, I counted 15 that came

Geneva Jackson who lives at 171 came to Happy Hour today, I don't know if you all met her before you left or not. She was in Magnolia Park

I understand the Park is looking for a couple to manage our park, Bob and Vicki will no longer be our Mgrs. 😡

Today I made a card for Jesse, our maintenance man, his Mother passed away.

It was nice of Agnes Messner to send me two neat pictures of their fun get-to-gether with Charlotte and Hector Therrien, from Ont. Gerry and Yvonne DeSmet fron Cypress River, Man. and Gerald and Agnes Messner from Brandon, Man.

A note from Agnes

We are having a Cdn Texas gathering next week and will send you pics and attendees after next week but we are having another Texas gathering here at Brandon Manitoba 🇨🇦 the 7, 8 & 9th of August for anyone that knew Gerry and Yvonne De Smet and would like to join us here in Brandon, please contact me at or 1-204-526-0330 Agnes Messner. We would love to have more surprise visits for Gerry and Yvonne. So far from the US, we have Paul and Sharon Sprague coming in Aug. but would love to see anyone else even if you didn't know Gerry and Yvonne.
Thanks for now.


I wished more folks would send me pictures of whatever they're up to this Summer!
I have had over 3,000 hits to my blog in the last 30 days......what the heck??????? You all are awfully curious about what goes on in  this little Park,  lol. Well, we down here are curious about what the heck ya'll are doing up there all Summer. But nobody sends us any if I dont get any news from up there I guess I should quit blogging from down here.  Or maybe charge a couple hundred dollars for doing the blog???   No, I would never take a nickle for doing the blog, I enjoy it and all the nice thank you s  I get from all of you are thanks enough. I wish there was more to write about some times .

I will say over 2000 home were destroyied and 6000 homes damaged from this awful flood we had, Llano Grande got lots of damaged mobiles and many other parks also. Leisure World had major damage over there.  We are so fortunate.  But like I say if you are concerned call the office, mornings only and ask about your place, I see some skirting in a few places around a few mobiles have been removed, water standing under their mobile. I would not be surprised if sheds got some water in them espeically on the North side of the Park. I guess I already said that  before.

Bobby and I went to the Mexican Buffet over there , where the Oyster Bar used to be. Well, there were lots of folks enjoying the food, but not for me, why? well, it was just too authenic Mexican food, for me I would like Taco Bell better. Isn't that terrible of me? but I have been here 31 years now and still can't get used to some of the Mexican food. We have been to the new Bar-B-Cuteys, and will be going fairly often. It beats driving all the way over to Willy's B.B.Q.

I don't have much more to tell ya, unless I hear something "that's all folks"