Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thursday July 24th

It sure has been hot here in the Valley, 100 every day. 

Gene Koliba and Mary Freundshuh furnish donuts this Friday. We will be on the road.
We just heard that our friend Mary Jean Steward who lives here at 302 and in Nebraska in the summer, had hip replacement surgery last week. We will get a card up for her...

The latest news is the big shootout in LaHoya, a body was found and the suspect tracked to LaHoya, he held up in a house and shot 2 policemen, they are expected to recover, the gunman was killed. They said LaHoya is where a lot of drug loads come thru. 
The latest is our Gov. Perry is bringing in the guard to help the border patrol stop the illegals from coming in, all the children coming over take their attention away from their duties of keeping the bad guys out of Texas.
I guess they are really pouring into our Country.

Also the killing of 10 people in Progresso. The towns people said nothing happened. There's so much cover up down there, the people don't want anyone to feel they're in danger going to Progresso. we been going quite a bit this summer for the Dentist, no problems.

I will try to report on Fridays as usual if I have internet access. 
Here's some pics I took this week

The Martins have all their little ones raised now, they hang out around their house and all along the wires in the back
Many of these are the new babies all grown up. It's funny at night there are none sitting out on the houses, they must all crowd in together!!!

These are two of the planters Bobby made, he just hung them on the side of our house so Anita Farley, our neighbor, could enjoy them. There's Purslane planted in the little pots, purslane is similar to Moss Rose.
Below is our fountain Bobby made, I had some pictures of it on facebook and in a slide show...Ken has now started making some fountains too.

Well, Ron Sutherland has been spending a lot of time on his 1969 Chevy truck, he's done lots of work on it, new dash and seats and front end etc. it is something!
Ron's camera shy but manage to get him and Bobby looking under the hood!

We will see some of you in Clermont!

Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18th

This morning Red and Stan Floyd furnished donuts. We just had the one card up to sign for the Family of Larry Dixon. And now a card for Darlene Ales

Helen and Sam should be returning home this coming week. they have been on the East coast for their vacation. We were in good hands with our new Assistant mgrs. Bob and Vicki.

I have some neat photos from our friends from up North:

This photo was sent to me from LeRoy Larson, he camps on J-1, it is of Arlene Lyyken, lot #150, Josie Miller, former resident, Elaine Dohman, also a former resident, Bud Lykken, and LeRoy Larson! Taken in West Fargo. I just about missed the picture sent from Leroy as he is not in my address book and the picture went in my spam folder and I almost deleted it, whew, glad I saw it.

Jim and Darlene Ales are at home here Clearwater, Kansas. Darlene is having knee replacement surgery on the 21st of this month.

Ron and Terry Ruser, who live here at 416 in the Winter, attended Ballooon Fest which takes place at the Red Rock Park near Pella. I wonder if they took the balloon ride...if we were to come to the event Ron would probably take us on a hot air ballon ride...right Ron?

Please click on the photo to view it up close!!! John and Dale Norris, who live at #171 here in the park, sent me this wonderful Family picture! Dale said there were 41 attending their family reunion in Edgerton, KS, their Son and Daughter-in-law,
Daughter, grand Daughter and husband, and Great Grand Daughter were there along with Dales two sisters and two Sister-in-laws and many of their children.
Thanks for sending!!!!

You may also enjoy seeing what some of us do down here during the Summer!!!
Especially one certain talented man, Ken Barnhart! He spent many hours on the picture. He has also made some beautiful fountains


Diana Bruce and Catherine Gibbs!!! And others who like a good wine!

Isn't this beautiful? The different types of wood really are striking. besure to click on it to view it close up, it is over a foot tall, the tiny grapes and other details took Ken over 90 hours to complete

Can you see the wine flowing out through the bottles? The sound of the fountain is so soothing.
They may be a bit pricey but you will never find one just like them anywhere.

I don't know how much I will be blogging in the next few weeks...vacation time!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 13th, Larry Dixon

Please click on the picture to view the obituary better!
as with any pictures posted on the blog...

A memorial has been established in Larry's name for the Lung Cancer Foundation of America.
Contributions may be made through the Miles Funeral Services, Winfield,KS If you wish to send a card to his two children and families...Gingers address is:
Ginger Glenn
2325 Gentry Lane
Eldorado,KS 67042

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friday July 11th

These Fridays seem to come around fast!!! 
This morning Rexroads furnished donuts!

Yesterday morning was the ribbon cutting ceremony at Chik-fil-A, there were people camped out in tents all night Wed. night.
I guess there was some kind of promotion to the first few customers.

I asked that you all send me pictures of what you have been up to this Summer and news from you that you might wish to thank you for the pictures you have sent so far. I would love to see pictures of your cabin, or Summer home, family get-to-gethers, or travel experiences  you have had this summer. I think others would enjoy seeing these also.

A great picture of Mary (Babe) Christianson and her children, Mary lives at #6 and in the Summer, Ulen,MN.

A great Family picture of Lu Scott on her 86th Birthday! Lu lives here in the Winter at 214 and home is Ely MN.

These next pictures were from the Story City potluck: thanks Jerry and Carol for sending them, they chaired the event this year along with Gordon and Joyce Amos. There were 55 folks attending and next year they will have it again, same place with Loren and Katherine Ratliff, along with Hejliks and John Geer and Janean Berlow! People who winter here in our park and former Rve'ers get-to-gether each year for a potluck dinner, It's been held in Stry City, Iowa for several years now.

Teresa Sexton spoke about her Granddaughter who had lung transplants (Cancer)
And it is back. Sexton's were former Rve ers

I didnt put names to these pictures but this one is with Martha Millender talking with Bob and Madelaine Burnell, Burnell's are from my home town, Jefferson, Ia. and they lived next to us here in the park for a couple years! figure the rest of the folks out  lol lol
I also ask Mary Lou to send me a few pictures she took:

 cute picture of Grace Thornton and Marlene Prohaska

We will see many of you at the Clermont Campout!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a picture of Yvonne and LaVern Shurman of Cedar Falls, Ia. They will be at the campout and always bring fresh garden produce from their garden, lots of sweet corn and tomatoes etc. Can't wait to see you guys!

That's it for now!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

The 4th

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Friday July 4th

Isn't this a pretty tree? It's a Crepemyrtle, My neighbors, Ken and Anita Farley's tree, and they have a lighter pink one by their back door.

We had our coffee and donuts this morning. Chuck Chamberlain provided them, he is new to the park, he is in #57, which was Mitz's mobile.  He opens up in the and gets the coffee going each day.
also will make the coffee for the folks on Friday who provide the donuts. We are greatful to have him.

For today Rex Rexroad is cooking brats and everything that goes with it, plus icecream and cake for dessert. It is for Rex's birthday!! the rest of us are bringing sides. The last few years we always celebrated John and Irene Quails Grandson Adens birthday, along with Adens Dad's birthday on the 4th, he will be disapointed as their flight doesn't get in on time for the get-to-gether today.

This is cute, I added it for my friend Barb from Magnolia park, I thought she would get a kick out of it,  Barb
has classes in her park for computer

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The picture of Mary Nelsons Rhodadendrum bush at the corner of her house is amazing!  Mary has not only been caring for her flowers and plants but doing some fishing...get a look at these bass!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures!
Harry and Juanita Fisher celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary the 19th of June. Here's  a picture of Grandson Erik and his wife Emily and Fishers celebrating at the Arrowhead in Minn.

Ken and Bana Southworth just returned from a 10 day trip to Hawaai and a tour of the Islands.

Thanks to those who sent me photos of what they're up to this summer, keep them coming, even a snap shot sent by mail would be ok, or over the internet.
I made a little boo boo when I posted the pictures of the glass sculptors at the Denver botanical gardens...I called them glass ice sculptures (sp) can't spell either  lol, anyway I corrected it