Saturday, October 25, 2014

One of our year-round folks passed away

George LeBeau passed away this morning, he was to have by-pass surgery . I understand he had a lot of fluid and was sceduled for surgery.

Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24

Isn't this a gorgous picture looking out of Tom and Mary Lou's window?
geez I miss the Fall. Our little few days of chilly mornings is over for now, but this morning was really nice. I am talking chilly at 59 or 60 degrees. I wore a sweat shirt in the early morning...I saw others without but I am not used to that cool of weather. Cheryl Costley had surgery, colon I think, haven't had an update yet. Talked to Mary Lou today, she's feeling great now. She said her final pathology report came in and the Drs. are 99% sure she will not need any chemo or radiation. so I am sure it won't be long and they will be on their way down here.

Mary Jean Steward has not had the best summer...she just recently had teeth pulled and infection, I think also a broken leg  which happened in the hospital,
There is a card to sign for Ratliffs, Loren's Mother, Verna passed away, Mary Lou said she's from Tripoli, Ia. 98 years old.
Also George LeBeau is in the hospital, he's supposed to have by-pass surgery

I will write more soon, busy busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014


Good blood clot by Mary Lou's knee, injured some how during surgery. So she's on the mend!!!

October 10th

A lovely Fall morning here in Rio Valley Estates, but more like summer here lol we are still having hot weather, can't wait until Tuesday for ideal weather highs of 80's low 60's, what a wonderful week that will be. but still nice mornings and evenings to be out, misquitos are pretty bad though.

Carmen Bernier and her Mom provided donuts this morning. I didn't go up but Bobby said a nice crowd there, and plenty of donuts, but Bobby had a sugar problem and now is doing really good at watching it , he said he only had 1 donut! He walks for 30 min. every morning, I can't keep up with him.

Just heard from the Bosch's and Lillian has had a rough Summer, a hernia operation, and heart problems, her heart is out of rythym, and trying to take care of that problem, then she fell and broke her wrist and has a cast on it. She said they will be delayed getting down this year.
Also Mary Lou has had complications after her surgery.she's had a lot of pain with no let up. It's related to her knee,or by her knee, possible blood clot. I will update you on her condition when she finds out more.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Oct. 3rd

This week we had a really good turnout for Social Hour, 30 people attended. We were having it in the pool room but from now on we will have it in the big hall. In the Summer we put 3 or 4 long tables down end to end in the pool room and have our coffee and donuts and social hour there.
Jan and Gary Philipp provided donuts this morning.

Our yards are looking better here in the park, one of the people who mows, lawn mower was out of commision for a couple weeks and he really got behind and some lawns looked really bad, but this happens, he said he would have some apologies to make. Otherwise he does a great job.

Pam White is still looking for someone who whould like to take Dori's dog, "Patty". She is a well trained loving little dog. Dori's Nephew has been here getting things in order. 
We were so sad to hear of Gloria Hausers passing. Ellis and Daughter were here before Glorias surgery getting the mobile ready to sell, we had a "farewell" brunch for them .
Also Mary Lou Benson is having surgery the 6th of this month, we will be thinking of her, you may wish to give her a call, email or card..

The Elks famous Chicken Dinners will start this month, the first one is Sunday, October 12th, then the first Spagetti Dinner the 15th and their first Fish Dinner will be Friday the 17th. The Elks is a charitable organization which benefits the community in lots of ways, I am going to put in my blog just some of the many ways the Elks help here in our community. You will be surprised at all they do. 

Bye the way, the we have had 2 brunches here in the park, we have a small group and Gene Koliba made biscuits and gravy for all and then we brought a dish to share, thinking a "brunch" would be nice this winter instead of pancakes some times? With a large crowd we would not have the biscuits and gravy, but just bring a breakfast dish to share, and maybe a couple people would like to bring sausage gravy and biscuits if they chose. We could do a sign up sheet for what you might be bringing. Just a thought....

We are having a "cold front" that moved in bringing a little rain today

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gloria Hauser

Gloria passed away today. I will post the address as soon as I get it if you wish to send a card.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Sept. 26th

Dori Rosendahl #408 passed away this morning. she had been in Knapp, ICU the past week, then moved to hospice. Her Uncle from is here. Dori has no children and very few relatives. She was very much loved by all who knew her and a friendly gal who loved her dog and pet sat for lots of people. The ladies talked like they would have a memorial service for her in November. Pam White #162 her best friend, has her dog and is looking for someone to take the dog.

This morning Gloria Hauser, #73, has her open heart surgery, we are waiting to hear from Ellis, Ellis was here last week loading things from their mobile and it's for sale. They have moved back to Iowa
A card was up to sign for the Eshelmans #256, their Daughter-in-law passed away.

This morning the Farleys furnished the donuts. We had a good turn-out.

A few people have come in this week. Looking for a lot of folks this coming week.

I will write as soon as I know how Gloria came out.