Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Oct. 21st

We had our usual coffee and donuts this morning, the Office provided them, it's our last Fri. unless someone decides to get them next week.

Denny Argo had his back surgery, this morning Nancy was saying he was up after 3 hours of surgery and walked without pain! She said he's really doing good. Sharon Spraque had knee surgery this week also, in fact I just saw her on their golf cart, couldn't believe my eyes!! It's only been a few days ago.

We are having a cold front here, it was upper 50's this morning, and highs around 82 or so.Beautiful!

We are flying to Wendover NV. tomarrow, it's supposed to be lows in the 40"s and highs about 60.
Looking forward to getting away, seeing some Mountains.Bobby is really anxious to go too. This is about our 4th free flight and free 3 nights. We had to cancel the one before this, Bobby had the stroke 9 days before we were to leave.

Safe travels to all!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Oct. 24th

I took this picture the other day, so many pretty Butterflies fluttering around this time of year!

Tom & Mary Lou Benson provided donuts this morning!

Wednesday we had a Pizza Party, we had over 56 people come for Pizza.
Last Spring I was over to Don & Darlene Mcellwee's. Don handed me an envelope with a nice sum of money and asked me to arrange a party for the Summer people. He said do what ever you want with the money. Well, this Summer so many people were here and gone and back and forth, and there really was a much smaller group around. So I decided to wait so we could have a bigger group for a Party. Bobby and I decided on the Pizza, Domino's. I thought it was very good! We ordered 22 pizza's delivered. Also Carmen Bernier provided
salad for everyone, The mgrs. came bringing cake for dessert! Everything got eaten !!! It was real nice, I had everyone sign a thank you card for Darlene. We were sorry Don had passed away earlier this summer.
Darlene's mobile is still for sale and she's anxious to get it sold, it is very nice!

No cards up to sign!!
Still having almost record breaking heat down here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Just to remind everyone, when you come in the office wants you to besure and sign in.

There are several cards up:
One to Lillian Rutherford,former resident, her husband Loren died, a card for Alice Matson, she's in the nursing home and not doing good,a card for Leon Cheatum, recovering, doing good, a card to Clarence Moore, eye problems, and a card for Harvey Madsen, Subduro Hematoma.

Friday, October 7, 2016

October 6th

The Hummingbirds land on my hand when I refill their sugar water, I haven't seen so many Hummers in several years

Carmen Bernier furnished donuts this morning.
It's still pretty hot here. 90's And humid but I heard the weather man say today the humidity was going down in the next few days!

There are several cards up to sign, one is to David and June, and Velda Lee Clement on Bill's death. There is one for Bob Bruce, he's in the hospital with a stroke, going to re-hab today I think. Frank Willard was in the hospital now home!

We are having a little Pizza Party Wednesday. I will tell more about the party next week.!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Sept. 30th

We had a lovely morning with Fall like temps. Also several days below 90 degrees. What a relief!!!!!!!!!We got atleast 2 inches of rain also this week

We had a bunch for Happy Hour!
I guess we will need to move it into the big Hall next time.

Cards up to sign are for Ken Costly, was in Hospital, home now. And for Ruth Heskins, she is not coming back, she is in Assisted living or Nursing home

Ken Barnhart, Tom Benson, and Jan Philipp's Friend, Larry all went fishing this morning. Hope they catch some big ones!!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Sept. 23rd

A note from the office...You now need to sign in when you come!!!! All mobile home owners, renters and R.V.ers of course. When you leave in the Fall just stop by and let them know you're leaving.

Rexroads provided the donuts this morning, they've been gone to Nebraska so Rex could have another surgery. he now walks upright and is not in that terrible pain.
Bobby is doing very good. He doesn't have to have P.T. anymore just Speech therapy

Rexroads are furnishing donuts this morning.

Several folks are back...Argos, Clyde and Linda, and do in today I think are: The Spragues, and Judy Dekoning.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Sept. 16th

It was really neat to see these big Parrots in our back yard yesterday. I was in the front and heard the loud noises. These are not the small wild Parrots you see flying around in big groups, these are much larger.

This morning AnnaLisa provided the Donuts.

Wednesday for Social Hour we had 24 show up.It won't be long and we will have to switch to the big hall!

There are 3 cards for us to sign, one to Maria Reyes, Hosp. , Alice Crittenden,Surgery, and a card for Darlene and Ron Werstein, their Brother Died.

The new flags look so pretty. When driving in the Park is really looking nice, the new concrete is done for the Park Models.

The mobile at 96 is an 18 wide, it looks nice on that lot! Still has to have the skirting and awnings also concrete