Monday, November 28, 2016

Nov. 28th

Rexroad called the meeting to order. Nancy Argo gave the invocation, she started out making all of us laugh at 2 cute jokes. Very cute ones!
Helen said a card is being made for a speedy recovery for Kathy Cochran, she had surgery and is home now recovering.
We voted on a new Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, Judy Nordquist is going to be the new Chairperson and Darlene Bryant will be Vice Chair.
We also voted on the temporary board member seat that was vacated. Much discusion about by-laws, as the volunteer was not voted on but appointed by our Chairman.
We have started Ladies dominoes's at 1 P.M. on Tuesdays
Also Cribbage has started again in the back card room at 7:00p.m. Wednesday nights

I hope you all viewed my "Smilebox" slide show of Margaret Davis's 90th Birthday party. It was really nice, Fred played and lots of folks danced , ate cake and enjoyied fellowship with the Davis Family and with others.

Grilled Chicken this coming Wednesday,the Nov. 30th, $3.00 pp and bring a dish to pass.
Yard Patio sale is Dec. 2nd form 7:00a.m. to noon

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fun at Riverside

A bunch of R.V.E. folks went over to Riverside, ate and took the boat ride! For those who don't know about it, Riverside is a bar and they have food and appetizers, and you can ride a boat on the Rio Grande. They have Tenderloins, that I've been told are really good

Thanks Daves for sending the pictures to me!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Nov. 21st

What beautiful weather we are having. for the next week highs in the 80's, perfect!!!

Monday morning meeting was held and donuts furnished by Kathryn Ratliff in honor of her late husband, also Helen brought zuchini bread.

Mgr. Bob said the office wil be closed this Thurs. & Friday. They have fixed the water fountain and adjusted showers.

A card is up to sign for the McLaughlin's as Sues Sister passed away.

Election of officers next Monday.

A party to celebrate Margaret Davis's 90th birthday with music by Fred Goldsberry.
Grillling chicken on Nov. 30th, $3.00 pp
Dec. 2nd is the yard/patio sale 7a.m. until noon
Dec. 8th is the wine & Cheese party

Have a Happy thanksgiving ya'll!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Nov. 14th

I finally got up to the hall to get a newsletter, so I could write a few more comments about the meeting this morning.
A new resident, Dan O'Dell, I think #289, where Sutherland's lived, is going to take Clyde Reads position on Properties. Clyde is going to have some back surgery.

A card was sent to Nancy Argo, heart problems, she's home and doing well. Also Helen gave an update on Agustin Torres, he is out of ICU and will be going to re-hab.

Dances start Jan.9th, there's an increase in price to $6.00pp
Anyone wishing to go to dinner at Marisco's Nov. 15th are to sign-up, a large group are going.
also Margaret Davis is having a 90th Birthday party at 2p.m. on Nov. 25th
We are having grilled chicken on the Nov. 30th, sign-up for that
Dec. 2nd there will be a Yard Patio Sale from 7a.m. till noon.
Can recycling has begun, George Krantz has volunteered to help out. George and wife Sharyl are new to the park,lot 63.

That's it for now!

UPDATE ON THANKSGIVING.... Larry and Hector will cook all the turkeys up at the hall. I think there will be around 12 turkeys cooked!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 14

The meeting this morning really dragged on. Folks just could not decide or agree on what to do about our Thanksgiving Dinner. No one was willing to chair the event. They have to figure out how many Turkeys to buy, but of course they do not have a head count on approximately how many will be coming. It was suggested they talk with Hickeys and find out how many were bought last year, so they would have a pretty good idea of how many to get, as I recall there was huge amounts of turkey left over.Linda Polermo went over to HEB to find out if we could buy pre cooked sliced turkeys, and found out they do not do that so now there's a sign-up sheet for ladies to take a turkey and bake it and slice it and bring it up for the dinner. I did take up sign-up sheets for folks to write down how many will be coming and what they were going to bring, such as salad, or vegy, or dessert also I put up a sign-up for volunteers to set up, clean up after, and a place for those ladies who will take 5 lbs. of potatos home and cook and mash them for the dinner, also volunteers to uncover and be in charge of the dessert table and where to place there dish they wish to share.
Walter Piper came to wish everyone a welcome and also his right hand man, Nathan from Ranchero Village, who over sees our park
I may write more later....

Monday, November 7, 2016

Nov. 7th

Our first R.V.E. business meeting was this morning. It looked like about 70 to 75 folks there.

Harry Rexroad chaired the meeting. Several card games have started, "31" tonight, Sat. morning "Dummy Rummy" Sunday night we had "Mexican Train" Pinochle on Saturday nights.

We talked about whether we wanted to recycle aluminum cans again the Winter, a new gentleman in the park offered to help, and also suggested we could collect them and give to the Masons as a charitable event.

The Mgrs. came to the meeting and Mgr. Bob told about thieves coming over the fence this Summer and stealing some items. Most all were not locked up and easy pickens! He asked that everyone keep their things under lock and key. Bob said the Park is doing some road patching. Re- introduced the Asst. Mgr., Diane Butcher. This summer Ken Barnhart filled in as Asst. mgr. and he worked awfully hard all Summer. The sign he made is beautiful in front of our Office building.

Pam White was cleaning the kitchen but quit so Linda Palermo said she would do it.
No one has stepped up to chair Thanksgiving dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget about your park photo albums, I will get one to you or you may pick yours up at our Monday morning meetings

That's about it for now

Friday, November 4, 2016

Nov. 4th

Late posting anything this week.Sorry!

I will now be posting on Mondays, unless something newsworthy comes up I wish to post. Our park meetings start this Monday!

Everyone I've spoke to said the Halloween Party was great fun. We didnt go this year. I saw the decorations and they were outstanding!

Lots of folks coming in!

We had a really good fish meal at the Elks tonight 14 from the park were there.