Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday August 26th

Good Morning all! Rexroads furnished donuts this morning!

A new mobile was moved in this week. It belongs to Bill and Marilyn Sherod, I think they were here last in 2009 or 2010, at #168, now their mobile is 285. Between Lenius's and Marge and Ann's.

Also while Bob was gone , Diane, Asst. mgr. sold #254 , #301, Also #63 has been sold by Nathan

Gil poured the concrete at the new Bath house an area for a few golf carts to park and for wheel chair assessability also a picture from the front:

There's a card up for Petra Lopaz her Sister died , also John Norris has stage 1 cancer of the Esophagus, Drs. say he will be Cancer free after the surgery! His Surgery to be Sept.9th

You will notice 3 park models on your left as you come in the park,they are trade ins from mobile home sales from here and from Ranchero.It will look much nicer when you drive in the park, instead of empty lots.

That it for now!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday August 19th

Al and Dolores Mason furnished donuts this morning.

No cards up to sign

Bobby gets home today from the Re-hab hospital, they said he made lots of progress there. He will get some more therapy a few days per week, where he will go for it I dont know yet.

Mobile home #96 is being moved out of the park, it will make a nice spot for a new one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Update on my hubby, Bobby... he is going to re-hab as he had a stroke which was fairly mild and a week or two is needed for his balance in walking. Otherwise he is moving very well, has no paralysis.I think he will be moved today, Aug. 10th.

We do have several cards up to sign: Carleen Basler, has to wear a back brace for some time as she broke her back in several places. As you know Don McEwee passed away, also a card to Jerry McAninch, he had surgery for a new knee. And for Bobby, suffered a stroke Sunday. If I missed someone I will blog it Friday.

It's to be 105 today and the weatherman said it will feel like 117, whew, that's hot. I will be glad when this month is over, hopefully more cooler temps on the way after this month!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016


Don McElwee passed away. I just found it out today.

I have been in the hospital with Bobby.
We don't know why he has some problems, which started Sunday morning. Balance off, confusion, weakness.They did find he has a urinary tract infection, but the ct scan showed no stroke, they did a MRI today so waiting for more of the tests to come in. Knapp E R was fantastic, atleast 3 different Drs. came in, some ordering test which were performed right there in ER, also sent him for the Cat scan, then he was put in a room on the 6th floor. Will keep you informed.


Bobby did have a stroke, the MRI showed that he did. so where we go from here , I don't know yet, sounds like re-hab but needs to get over the infection first.

Just some fun Pics

I thought this was funny and so true!We are out of the Park after dark and I look around and said "Wow look at all the lights" lol lol

Here's a great picture of Ann Jonson and Marge Reishus, they went on a 17 day trip, Nova Scotia, Edward Island, Cape Breton Island & Niagara Falls

Also having a lot of fun this summer were Gerald and Agnes Messner, they visited with Diana and Larry Ateah this Summer.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday August 5th

Continuing to be very hot here, highs 100 lows 80's. But my "Blue Daze" keeps blooming away. I know I posted a picture of it before but this morning I thought it looked so pretty

Angie & Owen Brown furnished donuts this morning, but Angie was called away so Ken picked them up

Everyone working hard this Summer...getting ready for all of you!!! They've put up new blinds in the card/pool room.Supposed to trim the palms next month. The new bath house is coming along nicely. Our buildings being painted by our men and Ken Barnhart(getting rid of the green)(what a huge job it is)and a hot one!!!! Also we have a fenced in grassy area being put in for the dogs to be off leash and exercise and socialize. Getting sod today, I think.

back side
I will take more pictures when the projects are complete

There hasn't been any cards up to sign this week.
Darlene Bryant and Patty Lamp are back, Patty temporarly. Our Mgrs. on vaca!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday July 29th

I thought the Sunrise this morning was so pretty.

Bobby and I furnished donuts this morning.

Our new maintenence man's name is Rolan. They have been painting all week and we all hope he works out.

I did not get a picture of the new bathhouse. I forgot.

I hope I get some pictures from the Clermont Campout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!