Friday, September 23, 2016

Sept. 23rd

A note from the office...You now need to sign in when you come!!!! All mobile home owners, renters and R.V.ers of course. When you leave in the Fall just stop by and let them know you're leaving.

Rexroads provided the donuts this morning, they've been gone to Nebraska so Rex could have another surgery. he now walks upright and is not in that terrible pain.
Bobby is doing very good. He doesn't have to have P.T. anymore just Speech therapy

Rexroads are furnishing donuts this morning.

Several folks are back...Argos, Clyde and Linda, and do in today I think are: The Spragues, and Judy Dekoning.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Sept. 16th

It was really neat to see these big Parrots in our back yard yesterday. I was in the front and heard the loud noises. These are not the small wild Parrots you see flying around in big groups, these are much larger.

This morning AnnaLisa provided the Donuts.

Wednesday for Social Hour we had 24 show up.It won't be long and we will have to switch to the big hall!

There are 3 cards for us to sign, one to Maria Reyes, Hosp. , Alice Crittenden,Surgery, and a card for Darlene and Ron Werstein, their Brother Died.

The new flags look so pretty. When driving in the Park is really looking nice, the new concrete is done for the Park Models.

The mobile at 96 is an 18 wide, it looks nice on that lot! Still has to have the skirting and awnings also concrete

Friday, September 9, 2016

Sept. 9th

Good morning!!

Darlen Bryant furnished donuts this morning.

A new lady was here, she purchased no.301, Cassidy's mobile. She said she was interested in cards, and seems like she would like to join in on things.

There are cards up for John Norris, surgery today, Leon Cheatum, hospital, Sue Barnhart had her back surgery Wednesday and came home Thursday, doing good.

The third park model is in and all the old concrete in all 3 spaces has been dug up and new conrete will be poured.

We are waiting to see if the used mobile is coming in from Ranchero Park today, it;s a 18 X 80
I think, I know it's 18 wide not sure of the length.

I will take some pictures when the mobile comes in.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Paul and Doris Seng and Doris's nephew are here. Christy Jones, #69 bought Seng's mobile


Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Sept. 2nd

The work continues here in the park. So much going on here. The mobile home lot #96 will soon have a mobile on it, and I did take a quick picture of the 2 park models that just came in Lot 17 and 16.
the Bosch's have been unable to come down for several seasons now... the park worked hard today removing tons of vines and trimming trees. It's looking real nice now

Ken and Cheryl Costley have been here about a week now. They provided donuts this morning.
Bob and Vicki are back from vaca!

There's a card up for Dave & Lucy Johnson, Daves Dad passed away.
Martha Millender who always goes to Carroll, Ia. in the Summer and lives in this small pull type R.V. there is now in Asst. Living in Carroll. She was having some breathing problems and had gone to the hospital a few times. They think there was Black mold in that little R.V. Martha went into Swan Asst. Living on her own. She will stay there until the Daughter and Son-in-law return from a long trip.

That's about all I know for now!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday August 26th

Good Morning all! Rexroads furnished donuts this morning!

A new mobile was moved in this week. It belongs to Bill and Marilyn Sherod, I think they were here last in 2009 or 2010, at #168, now their mobile is 285. Between Lenius's and Marge and Ann's.

Also while Bob was gone , Diane, Asst. mgr. sold #254 , #301, Also #63 has been sold by Nathan

Gil poured the concrete at the new Bath house an area for a few golf carts to park and for wheel chair assessability also a picture from the front:

There's a card up for Petra Lopaz her Sister died , also John Norris has stage 1 cancer of the Esophagus, Drs. say he will be Cancer free after the surgery! His Surgery to be Sept.9th

You will notice 3 park models on your left as you come in the park,they are trade ins from mobile home sales from here and from Ranchero.It will look much nicer when you drive in the park, instead of empty lots.

That it for now!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday August 19th

Al and Dolores Mason furnished donuts this morning.

No cards up to sign

Bobby gets home today from the Re-hab hospital, they said he made lots of progress there. He will get some more therapy a few days per week, where he will go for it I dont know yet.

Mobile home #96 is being moved out of the park, it will make a nice spot for a new one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Update on my hubby, Bobby... he is going to re-hab as he had a stroke which was fairly mild and a week or two is needed for his balance in walking. Otherwise he is moving very well, has no paralysis.I think he will be moved today, Aug. 10th.

We do have several cards up to sign: Carleen Basler, has to wear a back brace for some time as she broke her back in several places. As you know Don McEwee passed away, also a card to Jerry McAninch, he had surgery for a new knee. And for Bobby, suffered a stroke Sunday. If I missed someone I will blog it Friday.

It's to be 105 today and the weatherman said it will feel like 117, whew, that's hot. I will be glad when this month is over, hopefully more cooler temps on the way after this month!!!