Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Meeting Nov. 23rd

Darlene Bryant, Co-Chair was in charge this morning

Our Mgr. said new computers are set up with Google Chrome and will be a learning process. Pool parts have arrived and trying to reach repairman.

Clyde Reed gave the Properties report and said there are still some roasters available for purchase, $10.00 each, some others for $15.00 each. The Committee has done biscuits and gravy on Saturday mornings this month, looking for some group to do December.

Brock Laing will be here the 1st of Dec. he said Dec. 20th was the Christmas show at 7p.m.

Helen Curtis said cards were sent to Darlene Bryant, death of her Son, Ron Baker, collapsed lung, Don McElwee hospital, pneumonia, and Virginia Haberkamp, surgery.

Voting next week for Chairman, Judy Nordquist or Ron Zollar.

We will be gone this Thanksgiving, I'm sure Whitey and crew will do a great job as usual this year.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Birthday Party

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Both of these lovely ladies turned 90!!! 75 folks attended and also brought finger food.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Oct. 30th

Halloween Scraps, Comments, animated graphics and glitter graphics
Orkut Scraps and Greetings

We are having a Halloween Party tomarrow. Fred Goldsberry will be entertaing us!

I am taking appointments for the early arrivals and year-around folks for our R.V.E. photo album. You may submit pictures for consideration to use in our album. So take pictures of the activities you are involved in. The first session will be Nov. 18th, 19th, and 20th. As most of you know a professional photograher, will take several poses of you and you choose the ones you like, there are several reasonable picture pkgs. which will include your photo album free. Just to have your picture in our album , you receive a free one, you do not have to buy any additional pictures, and if you just want the photo album it will cost you $15.00. We want everyone to participate. You view your pictures immediately after they're taken, choose the pictures you want, pay for them, right then. The pictures will come in 4 to 6 weeks, you will receive the album when you return in the Fall

The grass is growing like crazy with all the rain, we expect some more rain today.
Gil, who most of you know has done a good job mowing for folks this Summer. His main business is concrete work , which he does an excellant job at! He's doing a lot of concrete work this Fall here in the park.

We didn't have donuts this Friday. We start with coffee and donuts at our usual Monday morning meetings from now on.

We had a fox up in a tree near the West end of the R.V.section.

I guess it must have gotten washed out of his burrow. He seemed either sick or totally exhausted. The animal control tried to use  tranquilizing darts but soneone said they missed him three times, anyway he ran off into the tall grass. I hope he isn't rabid.

A dear lady who spent a number of years down here from Kansas passed away this week. Her name was Ruth Cochran. She died during surgery.
My neighbor behind us in 404 Clarence Bernier is in the hospital, with pneumonia.

That's it folks!

Monday, October 26, 2015


We had over 9 or 10 inches of rain here in Weslaco, more than most other area in the lower Valley.

Several people have taken pictures, quite a few on Facebook. The frontage roads , many were barracaded so people would not drive in the 4 to 5 foot deep water, but of course some did, flooded cars just down from us on Pike and Westgate and the frontage road between Westgate and Texas. Our fence took a beating from the water, it is damage in quite a few places

In front of the Park

Don't know forsure where this was taken.
So many people got water in their homes, on 18th and Border they were saying they got water in their homes and then folks would drive to fast by there places and waves would push more water into their homes.

Front half of a second roof torn off...I would say from the winds yesterday but also the wood looks rotten

The wind was strong yesterday and pretty breezy today, but it will help dry things out a little, and we are expecting Sunny weather the next few days. We love the cool mornings! I wore a jacket this morning and it felt good!

Friday, October 23, 2015

October 23rd

Here's Hector, Denny, and Ken cooking up chicken for our first get-to-gether of the season. There were over 80 people attending.

Bobby decided to sit back and enjoy watching someone else B.B.Q.

Bobby, Gene, and Red watching Denny, Ken, and Hector work!!!
The weather was lovely for the B.B.Q.

This morning John and Dale Norris supplied the donuts.
We are fixin to get a big rain tonight and tomarrow

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Oct. 16th

I sure do wish to thank Jerry and Carol for sending me the beautiful Fall leaves, it was fun trying to guess which trees they came off of, Acorn or as Bobby says"Akern" tree, Maple, Walnut? not sure. Oh, your check is in the mail for the leaves, I sure hope it doesn't get lost....I through them in the air just to watch them drift slowly down as if falling from a tree, and oh, I then had to get a rake and rake my leaves, I had a nice big pile and was wandering if the Mgrs. would mind if I burned my pile of leaves...well, I decided to just bag them and take them to the dumpster.

We had a huge turnout for our Social Hour, probably the last one in the pool room now we will have to have them in the big hall. This morning the donuts were provided by the Office. Maybe someone will step up for next Friday...wishful thinking.

Some Fall humor

Old Age Memory
Some Snowbirds both in their 80's, visit their doctor and complain of short-term memory loss. After listening, the doctor suggests that they may want to write down the things they would like to remember. The couple agree that this would be a good idea.
A few days go by and the husband and wife are in bed late one evening when the wife says she could go for a bowl of ice cream. The husband volunteers to go down to the kitchen and dish it up.
"Do you think you should write it down like the doctor said?" the wife asks.
"No, I think I can remember a bowl of ice cream," replies the husband, as he heads downstairs.
After a few minutes the husband comes through the door and presents his wife with a platter of bacon and eggs.
"I knew this would happen!" she exclaimed. "You forgot my toast!"